Farewell from Keiran


The AIDS Action Council is a unique workplace. If anyone ever gets the opportunity to work at the Council, I cannot recommend it enough.

However, after more than eight amazing years I have decided it is time for new challenges and new adventures.

Deciding to leave what has essentially become my family was a difficult decision, but I felt it was time to follow new dreams and I am now following a path that will hopefully see me working overseas and exploring the world in the near future.

Working at the Council has allowed me to work with communities and health issues I am incredibly passionate about. It has challenged me personally and professionally working here. I have met and been inspired by some of the most amazing and generous people who share this work and those whose lives are impacted by HIV.

I will miss working at the Council, the conversations that can only be had in an AIDS Council, being in the special place that Councils are held within community. I know the Council will continue to grow and thrive with new ideas and as new opportunities present themselves, and I look forward to seeing the work that it does continue to touch the lives of so many people.


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