TODX Fashion Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting  the TODX Fashion Fundraiser. Collectively, the event raised almost $2,000 for the AIDS Action Council.

We would like to formally acknowledge our principle sponsors Alan and Angela from Things of Desire (TODX), the team at MAC Cosmetics and Mood Food and Co. 

It was incredibly humbling and heartening to have such a great turn out, and to receive so much support from the local community. We have had fantastic feedback and are certainly going to put on more events of this nature in the future.

For over 30 years, the Council has been made possible by community support and grassroots initiatives; by countless volunteer hours, and donations both financial and in-kind from businesses and individuals. We are proud of our history as a community organisation, and we acknowledge our continued gratitude to those who have made our existence possible.

Your participation and support provides us with funding that will be put towards our key ongoing focusses:  providing support to individuals and families living with and impacted by HIV; getting to zero by 2020 and working with LGBTIQ communities to ensure that they have access to services, recognition of human rights, and life without discrimination or stigma.



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