LGBTIQ Community Consortium Report

The Canberra LGBTIQ Community Consortium (the Consortium) is pleased to present you with a report of the findings from a series of complex consultations undertaken by the Consortium over the last few months.

The Consortium is a partnership of four agencies brought together by the common goal of ensuring health, wellbeing, access, social inclusion and equity for Canberra’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) communities.

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Study sheds new light on ageing with HIV

ageing with HIV

Community care teams in Australia will play an important part for ageing PLHIV diagnosed pre-1996.

Specialist community care teams will continue to play an important role for people living with HIV, particularly with clients who are ageing and were diagnosed before new treatments were introduced in 1996, new research shows.

Researchers found many people with HIV have experienced, and continue to experience, stigma and discrimination when seeking services to support them at home.

RDNS’ (Royal District Nursing Service) Melbourne-based HIV team, which supports 220 clients with an average age of 55, has published the findings in the Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.

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Media Release: Encampment is now a program of the AIDS Action Council of the ACT

Date 5 June 2017

The AIDS Action Council of the ACT is proud to announce Encampment will now be provided to Canberra's young under the Council's suite of services. Founded in 2013, Encampment is currently a non-residential camp for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) young people and their friends. 

Encampment creates a safe and accessible space for young people to express who they are, build resilience, make new friends and most of all to have fun. Camp activities include workshops and projects on art, sexuality, gender, self-expression, mental health, coming out, activism, and sexual health. 

 These changes will provide funding for the program, which previously ran through grants, generous community donations and support from the Council. The new arrangements will also change how the Camp is run: still guided by young leaders and volunteers along with the support and coordination of Council Staff. 

Encampment leader Lumiel said, "We are so pleased that the AIDS Action Council saw the potential of Encampment. We're enthusiastic about the future and sustainability of the program, and looking forward to leaping into organising this year's Camp." 

Encampment will strengthen the diverse range of services and programs offered by the Council, ensuring that young members of the LGBTIQ communities in Canberra have access to support, information and resources. 

For further information about Encampment please contact Sue Webeck by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The AIDS Action Council of the ACT is a community based non-profit organisation working with Canberrans towards the virtual elimination of new HIV transmissions by 2020. By collaborating with other service providers, community members and organisations we contribute to a strong and safe community that is free of discriminiation, marginalisation and stigma. 


FInd out more about the Council and our diverse range of programs and events by viewing the services listed on our website or calling our team during business hours on 02 6257 2855. 

Online Safety Awareness Campaign

Online safety feb2017

The AIDS Action Council has launched an awareness campaign around online safety and online bullying in the wake of recent incidents reported to the Council.

You may have seen news reports of men being targeted on dating/hook-up apps, then being intimidated and threatened in person by a group of people.

Some people feel that being online allows them to behave badly without fear of consequences. This is not the case. The Police are actively investigating recent attempts to intimidate men in Canberra because they were reported.

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Stay tuned PrEP is on the way in the ACT

The ACT Government announced, in August, that it will be supporting a PrEP trial for the ACT community. There will be 200 places offered on the trial and it is expected that enrolments will start early in the 2017

The lead agency in the ACT is Canberra Sexual Health Centre with significant support from ACT Health and NSW Health, the Kirby Institute, Interchange General Practice and the AIDS Action Council.

For more information or to add your name to the waiting list to find out more about the start of the trial please contact
Canberra Sexual Health Centre – 6244 2184
AIDS Action Council of the ACT – 6257 2855

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